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How to choose swimming goggles

   Swimming is a sport for all, summer, summer is essential in fitness activities. Because swimming or play a very good weight, shape effect, is more popular white-collar MM love. The mention of swimming, the first reaction is to buy a swimsuit, but now more and more people choose a good pair of swimming goggles. Because a pair of swimming goggles can effectively prevent bacteria and other stains of damage to the eyes, more in swimming to keep a good perspective for us in the water. And so many of the swimming glasses brand, each swimming goggles look alike, how to choose the suitable for swimming mirror their own is of top priority.

   Choose swimming mirror is definitely more than just watch the swimming glasses to wear leakage not Water Leakage, there are many aspects of the need to choose to suit their own swimming mirror. Choose swimming mirror in addition to avoid bacterial infection at the same time, the biggest feature is the development of underwater vision is to bring the gospel to the patients with myopia. But as surfing, water velocity, wearing goggles is to avoid the injured eye, increase the sense of security.

   How to choose the mirror swimming is the most important to see his lens, and the lens is good or bad will see his definition, anti fog, anti UV effect combined effect how, these parameters for the choice of critical swimming glasses, swimming mirror is through to the lens coating to realize these functions. Anti fog and clarity is the most basic function of swimming glasses, a pair of contact lenses, whether it is suitable for outdoor or indoor, in order to clear vision underwater have a good range of vision when choosing mirror swimming should pay attention to anti fog function and the definition of how.

   So in the choice of mirror swimming, anti ultraviolet function Is it right? Necessary? If only in the indoor, swimming mirror guest experts suggest not anti ultraviolet function will be a good point, because the anti ultraviolet function is realized by coating. Multi coated a layer to a certain extent has affected the definition, and long-term wear it may cause eye discomfort, and anti UV contact lens prices will also be on your many. On the outside, because the sun light and water refraction and other factors, will be particularly strong ultraviolet light, so it is best to choose swimming glasses with radiation protection function