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How to choose swimming glasses


     How to choose swimming glasses, go swimming in summer is of course a very cool and very popular sport, but to swim better wear a pair of swimming goggles is best, so we can prevent wear contact lenses friends are water pollution to the glasses, and the myopia mirror swimming and resolve those nearly as the crowd swimming inconvenience. How to choose swimming glasses, goggles selection or improper use, not only can not protect the eyes, it may damage the eyes

     How to choose swimming glasses, swimming goggles with ordinary mirror, Antifog mirror, mirror, Antifog myopia myopia four. How to choose swimming goggles, to ensure the water degree invariant, see clearly not deformation, a wide field of vision. A good mirror swimming should be consistent with the optical and medical standards and antifogging properties. Swimming goggles must be good, otherwise the swimming goggles fog appears, is very embarrassing, myopic patients choose swimming goggles with degree can easily swim

     How to choose swimming mirror, mirror is a common edge lens frame with waterproof sealing ordinary plane mirror belt; anti fog mirror refers to the manufacturing in the lens with anti fog coating, so that the lens will not accumulate the mist or vapor, ordinary mirror before using coated with anti fog solution has the same effect; myopia the mirror is replaced with special goggles lens diopter. How to choose swimming glasses, goggles after selection should be tried to test the connection, the washer and the face bone, also to wear glasses after face bone comfort, and beautiful and comfortable both dense impermeable