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Teach you how to choose the ski goggles


    At present, snow mirror many varieties, but also a unique shape, bright color, but what kind of glasses for you? Then according to the budget and personal to your own preferences, here I introduce a snow mirror type and selection method. As for the snow mirror double, anti fog, anti ultraviolet because it is the most basic performance, I will not bothersome here, but there are many other performance indicators will affect these basic performance, it is not concerned about, so be careful that I mentioned below with the basic performance related content.

Teach you how to choose the ski goggles

Procedure / method

The fog

    Snow Goggles users often encounter trouble than the lens fogging. When the lens inside surface temperature below the atomization point, this phenomenon will occur. And the snow mirror moisture is bigger, more easy to play in the world, manufacturers are using snow mirror the best advanced technology a series to avoid or minimize the possibility of fog.

A, anti fog lens coating

    The surface of the lens has a permanent water absorbing coating, can absorb the moisture in the fog produced before. Scientific experiments prove that, this is the most effective method of preventing fog.

B, double lens

Double lens to lens is formed in the middle of a layer of closed air layer, the lens inside the air is warm and dry.

Bubble film C, ventilation design

Bubble film permeability layer can effectively discharge into the dry air, moisture, prevent fog.

D, mini fan

Silent snow within the lens dry air conversion so as to reduce the internal humidity is the key to prevent fogging.

Teach you how to choose the ski goggles

The best definition

When you come in from the snow capped mountains speeding down, you need to clearly and accurately identify the constantly changing environment.

A, visual distortions

The lens material all will refract light, glasses manufacturers are using this to the correction of myopia. But if in the manufacture of snow mirror without considering this point, twisted like will cause dizziness, research and other adverse symptoms, and make your eyes had been in overdrive, eventually lead to permanent damage.

B, visual contrast

In different color object recognition and the difference, this ability allows you to correctly judge the direction. Rose and gold lens is used to enhance the visual contrast.

C, visual acuity

In order to improve the ability to identify the details of objects of the lens, lens of snow almost all adopts the special material similar to plastic as the material, this material is formed by America NASA (NASA) development, can confirm your lens is the most pure, the most expensive material manufacturing space.

D, resist the sun's harmful radiation

In the choice of snow goggles, people often ignore the effect of the sun's harmful rays. The study found, long time exposure to ultraviolet light causes include cataract and other eye diseases; and the short time may cause temporary "snowblind" phenomenon, so snow mirror 100% against harmful UVA and UVB, is to guarantee the safety of your.

Joint design

Blood mirror should provide the full range of thoughtful and facial design for you. The last point need to remind you is: helmet is used to protect the exposed head. If you plan to wear a helmet, please confirm whether Snow Goggles you buy matching and helmet. If you buy in the snow mirror noted above, you will be able to find a most suitable for snow mirror your. It will always protect your eyes, you share the pleasure of sports.

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